It's usually because of a very specific reason.

Most prospecting advice is very tactic-based. Don't get me wrong, tactics are essential.

But sometimes we need to get back to the "why" of prospecting.

Back to the basics.

Why would a prospect want to hop on a call with a salesperson they don’t know to begin with?

Here's a straightforward way of looking at it:

The goal of prospecting is to pique interest and show enough value that the prospect feels it's worth 15-30 minutes of their time to hop on a call to talk about how you can solve a problem for them.

Prospects have problems. We have solutions. That's it.

If you’re not leading with the problems that you solve, you more than likely won't get a response. That's step #1.

But you can't talk generically about those problems.

You have to show empathy and speak in their language.

It has to be personal. And it's even better if you can talk about specific situations when their challenges intersect with areas in which your product/service can help them.

I call those "sticky situations."

I was just on the Daily Sales Tips podcast with Scott Ingram and talked about how to find sticky situations. Check it here.

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