Outbound Squad 
for Sales Teams

You just had a killer sales kickoff. The team left super excited. 

Fast forward 2-3 months later…only a handful of reps are actually using what they learned. And the rest—right back to old habits.

Sound familiar? Keep scrolling.

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The real problem 🚨

85-90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 90-120 days (Rain Group). Training is only one part of the puzzle. 

True behavior change doesn’t happen without consistent practice, reinforcement, and feedback.

Most sales training misses the mark 👇

Who is Outbound Squad for?

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How it works

Courses & Live Training

The curriculum is built for two primary paths. To help SDRs/BDRs accelerate their path to Account Executive. And to help Account Executives self-source more pipeline through outbound, win more deals, and level up on the sales fundamentals.

Your team can consume the content in a medium that works best for them. 

  • Courses
  • Live masterclasses
  • Live sessions with guest experts
Peer-Based Community

Your reps will get to connect and network with a curated community of ambitious SDR/BDRs and Account Executives all looking to accomplish the same thing: level up their skills.

Private Workshops

Course content is great. But the real magic happens when your team is able to get customized help. We have expert trainers and facilitators to personalize the learning, hold you and your team accountable, and deliver world-class results.

…and many more guest speakers!

The Curriculum

Cold email
Cold calling
Social selling
Video prospecting
Personalization at scale

Objection handling

Get started


Courses, live masterclasses, and guest expert sessions designed for both SDRs/BDRs and Account Executives. Topics including everything from outbound to discovery, demos, multi-threading, and much more.

Playbook Creation

Create playbooks that standardize best-in-class outbound and selling processes that drive net-new meetings and win more deals.

Private Workshops

Get help from expert trainers and facilitators to personalize the learning, hold you and your team accountable, and deliver world-class results. 

Standard Access
A "Self-Guided" program that's budget-friendly. You teach, facilitate, and coach your team using the Outbound Squad frameworks.
Starts at $4,000

Onboarding and sales audit to customize curriculum for your team’s needs

Unlimited access to on-demand course content

Comprehensive curriculum for SDRs & Account Executives

Access to templates, scripts, and playbooks

Monthly live masterclasses and guest expert sessions

24/7 access to private online community of vetted sales professionals


Growth Program
A “Done With You” program where we’ll fully train, support, and help your team become experts in the Outbound Squad frameworks.
Starts at $26,500

All Standard Access features, plus

Dedicated success manager


Private workshops

Playbook creation

Access to additional a la carte options





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