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Think Outside the Script Virtual Tour

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The tour is over now, but you can catch the replays below.

Event Replays

Morgan Ingram

The 10:30:10 Formula — Using personal video for landing meetings and breaking through the noise

Personal video is all the rage right now. We need ways to stick out to our prospects. To break through the noise.

One of the most effective ways to do that is sending personal videos through LinkedIn and email.

Morgan is a master at this and will be sharing his 10:30:10 formula for sending videos and getting responses from your prospects.

We’ll walk through everything from having the right mindset, what kind of set up you need, and what to say in your videos.

Nimit Bhatt

Lessons Learned from Hiring 195 SDRs

Nimit is in a unique position where they’ve onboarded hundreds of SDRs at memoryBlue. Very few companies in the world onboard the amount of SDRs they do every year.

In this talk, Nimit is sharing their 6-week onboarding process where they cover the anatomy of a cold call, list building, voicemails, gatekeepers, emails, and much more.

You’ll get insight into their memoryBlue Academy and how you, as a rep to frontline sales leader, can implement the best practices of the top SDRs in the country.

Kendra Lee

Bloodhound Prospecting Strategy for Recovery

You sent your first cold email—what next? What should you say in the rest of your cadence of emails, calls, and social touches?

Kendra’s sharing exactly how you can take all of the tips and strategies you’ve learned and put them into actionable cadences to get your prospect’s attention.

You’ll learn the frequency in which you should follow up, whether you should leave a voicemail, and how to evolve your message from the beginning of the cadence to the end.

Belal Batrawy

Sales psychology: Concepts to master

Belal has the unique experience of being on the founding sales team at seven startups.

He believes that if you avoid basic psychology principles, you’ll get passed up in sales.

In this talk, you’ll learn about how your prospect’s buy, social paradigms that govern our interactions with prospects, and how to overcome the curse of knowledge.

Leah Neaderthal

How to prospect on LinkedIn as a non-salesperson

Have a fear of being salesy when prospecting? If so, this is a perfect talk for you to attend.

Leah is sharing strategies for getting clients to come to you, common assumptions and limiting beliefs when prospecting, and how to use LinkedIn to grow your business.

She works with consultants, solopreneurs, and non-salespeople in positions requiring them to sell.

Seth List

Unpacking outbound sequence design

There’s a lot of bad cold emailing advice out there. Seth is on a mission to help SDRs, BDRs, and reps think for themselves. At Predictable Revenue, he helps some of the world’s leading technology companies send better cold outreach.

In this talk, you’ll learn about blanket rules you should ignore, common cold emailing pitfalls, and how to write a winning cold email.

Andrea Waltz

Go for No: Essential Mindsets for Handling Rejection in Prospecting

Rejection is real. The problem? Most training programs don’t really dig into how to deal with it. “It’s a part of the job, get over it” is the common advice, which doesn’t help much.

In this talk, you’ll learn about how to take action and get your prospecting done despite the fear of rejection and potential “no.” Andrea will talk about the status dynamic between prospects and salespeople, redefining success and failure, and how to overcome the inertia and get into action.

Alex Boyd

How to Slide Into Your Prospects’ DMs on LinkedIn

Prospecting on LinkedIn…it’s a nightmare right now with reps using long-winded, me-centered pitches.

Alex believes we should incorporate story-telling principles into our prospecting process on LinkedIn.

In this talk, Alex is doing a live workshop on how to explain our value prop in an easy to understand way, how to mirror your prospect, and how to have an abundant mindset so you don’t sound desperate.

Justin Welsh

How to build a well-defined personal brand on LinkedIn

Do you need a personal brand as a rep? Justin believes you do. The future of your career depends on it.

Don’t think you have the expertise to build a great personal brand? Justin also believes that you’re the expert on your own journey. Sharing your journey is more important than being an expert.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to expand your network, build a LinkedIn audience, and how to think of yourself as a brand online.

Jeff Bajorek

Rethink the way you sell: When it goes sideways

Jeff’s specialty is helping salespeople ask smarter questions. For prospecting success, he believes that you need to become someone worth talking to and have something worth talking about.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to get prospects to think about their future state, refocus where you’re spending your selling time, and how to keep your sales swagger.

Darryl Praill

You Need To Start Selling Like A Marketer

2020 has been a bizarre year for Sales. Live events are out. Nobody is in the office. You can’t send direct mail nor call office phones when nobody is there to receive them. Face-to-face meetings? Yeah. Forget those. That leaves email and social media and virtual events. Is your message getting lost in the digital noise?

How can a salesperson sell and be successful?

The answer is simple.

You need to Sell Like A Marketer!

In this upside-down, topsy turvy sales environment, VanillaSoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Darryl Praill will show you how to use tried and proven Marketing tactics to outsell your competition, get one-on-one meetings with prospects, have prospects volunteer their challenges, and proactively give you permission to engage with them directly. That’s right. Marketing can save Sales.

Are you curious? Do you want to know how? Can you afford not to learn a new trick? Watch Darryl walk you through real-world examples, step-by-step, and transform your sales pipeline.

David Priemer

Sell The Way You Buy: Using Modern Sales Science and Empathy to Supercharge Your Prospecting

Do you like talking to salespeople? Neither do your customers! Yet, in a buying landscape full of infinite choice, information, and distractions, the most successful sellers will be the ones who connect with their prospects on a deeply emotional and human level.

In this talk, David will be sharing how younger salespeople can win over older customers, why winning sales is about conviction, and how to supercharge your prospecting with empathetic messaging.

Jeremey Donovan

How to Get Promoted in Sales

If you’ve ever wanted a structured approach for getting promoted in sales, this is the talk to tune into.

Jeremey’s digging into career progression for SDRs/BDRs and AEs who want to become front-line managers. Learn how to become sought-after by your peers and finding the right balance of working on your strengths vs. weaknesses.

Colleen Stanley

Leading Your Sales Team With Emotional Intelligence

In this talk, Colleen will share how to achieve sales mastery through emotional intelligence.

Soft skills like empathy, stress tolerance, belief, and delayed gratification affect your prospecting results.

Colleen will be digging into how you can improve in these areas and also how you can better lead your team as well.

Build Your Community, Build Your Pipeline

Build Your Community, Build Your Pipeline

David is known for building one of the best communities in sales development at Tenbound. In this talk, he’s sharing how he went from attending Meetups to hosting the best conference out there in sales development.

Learn how to find a community (or build your own), how to get in, and how to engage in a way that builds pipeline in the long-term.

Liston Witherill

Building your outreach muscle

Consistent prospecting is tough. Especially if you’re feeling the pressure to make every touch stand out.

Liston is digging into how you can build the outreach muscle by creating net positive experiences with prospects, sharing techniques we can do every day in our personal lives to make prospecting easier, and strategies for developing trust with your prospects.

Jake Jorgovan

Quality vs Quantity: Finding the balance

Oftentimes we feel like everything either needs to be customized when we’re prospecting or that we mass spam people…

How do you get in the middle ground? How do you find a balance between quality and quantity?

Jake is sharing their system at Lead Cookie for researching prospects efficiently, personalization based on segmentation, and how to find mini-niches within your Ideal Client Profiles.

Lori Richardson

The Incredible Power of Your Mindset to Grow Sales

What do re-framing and concrete have to do with your sales success? Do you know how powerful your thoughts and words are in connection to your end results? How can someone with average skills in sales raise their performance up through an idea called supportive beliefs?

If you want to better understand the power of your mind and how that helps you grow revenue, join us and bring your questions.

Lori will be sharing how to get the right mindset for prospecting and selling effectively. Forget the power of positive thinking, instead work with proven ideas to leverage your mind and help you win more.

Rajiv Nathan

Think like an entertainer: How not to suck at storytelling in your prospecting

Rajiv is going to share the Que Pasa Method, his unique framework for being creative in your outreach. He’s on a mission to help you think more like an entertainer, tell stories, and grab your prospect’s attention in the first few emails.

Oh, and he’s a rapper too. He’s famous for recording a Fresh Prince of Belair remix and using it to land meetings with his prospects. You don’t want to miss this one.

Larry Levine

Prospecting from the heart

Larry’s talking about what’s much needed in sales right now: moving away from your script and changing the conversation.

He believes that, alongside your mindset and skillset, you should be working on your “heartset” as well.

In this talk, he’ll be sharing techniques for prospecting from the heart and being real with your prospects.

Dale Dupree

Be a sales rebel: Experiential prospecting techniques

Dale is the man when it comes to creativity. He believes in creating a literal speed bump in your sales cycle with prospects.

In this talk, he’s sharing non-traditional methods of prospecting and getting your prospect’s attention through cold email, cold calling, LinkedIn, and direct mail.

Todd Caponi

Non-obvious ways to turn transparency and clinical empathy into your superpower

Todd is unlike most sales speakers and workshop leaders. He’s worked with some of the top companies in tech like LinkedIn, Salesforce, LeanData, and many more.

But he’s also a 7x sales leader. As a past VP of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer, he’s been on the receiving end of cold emails and cold calls.

Todd will be giving us a masterclass on how psychology and behavioral science drive your prospect’s buying behavior.

John Barrows

The Champion’s Mindset

If you’re an SDR/BDR or AE, you know who John Barrows is. He helps some of the world’s fastest-growing companies set more meetings and close more sales.

In this talk, John’s digging into the mindset of a top 1% sales rep. He’s giving a glimpse into his own personal systems for goal setting and staying motivated, along with patterns he sees in the top reps he’s trained and worked with.

Becc Holland

You have all these great tactics—what next?

You have dozens of tactics for your cold emails and cold calls. How do you start to systematically put these into action?

In this talk, Becc is sharing how to put these tactics into workable sequences and plays. She’s digging into follow-ups, building sequences, and maximizing all your channels.

If you’re wondering what happens after the first cold email you send to a prospect, tune into this talk.

Richard Harris

Going from Cold to Hot!

Richard works with some of the top companies in the world like Zoom, Visa, Google Cloud, and many more.

In this talk, Richard will share why call scripts work, the mental game of sales, and the psychology of prospecting.

Jeremy Leveille and Alexine Mudawar

In the trenches with Alexine Mudawar & Jeremy Leveille

In this panel, we’re gettin’ tactical and digging into how two top-notch AEs prospect.

We’ll dig into their favorite prospecting stories, social selling, multi-threading enterprise accounts, their personal sales methodologies, cold calling, cold emailing, using videos, personal branding, and much more…

Josh Braun

Do prospects get you tongue-tied when they raise objections? If yes, then watch this webinar

In this talk, Josh is giving a masterclass on objections. He doesn’t believe in “handling objections.” It’s all about “objection diffusing.”

Josh works with some of the best SaaS companies out there and the sales community loves his approach to prospecting and storytelling.

Brynne Tillman

Converting Your LinkedIn Connections to Conversations

In this talk, Brynne is sharing exactly how to convert your LinkedIn connections into relationships. This will be a masterclass on how to deepen your existing relationships on LinkedIn. She believes in “leading to your solution, not with your solution.”

Kevin Dorsey

The formula for writing a winning cold email

Kevin’s specialty is building and scaling sales development teams. He’s scaled teams of 150+ using the cold email system he’s going to teach in this talk.

He’ll dig into what’s missing from most cold emails, how to make the emails about the prospect (not you), and how to do a proper customer interview.

Marylou Tyler

Delivering Predictable Prospecting Performance

Your ultimate weapon for scalably growing revenue lies in your ability to properly design and build agile, smart, processes for prospecting.

Assembling an effective prospecting process relies on structuring a few steps that, as a whole, consistently generate incremental revenue. Those few steps form a purposeful system.

In this talk, Marylou will be sharing a framework for testing messaging, establishing a daily prospecting rhythm, and how to compel with content.

Mark Colgan

Start conversations using triggers & signals

In this talk, you’ll learn how to prioritize prospects within your Ideal Client Profiles and personas based on how ready they are to buy.

Mark will also share how to contextualize your outbound message to get the conversation started when prospects are most likely to respond.

Anita Nielsen

How to supersize your deals, be irreplaceable, and create customers for life

In this talk, Anita will share how to compete in a sales world filled with bots, automation, and AI. Learn how to use the things that make you human to your advantage: thoughtfulness, empathy, and compassion.

Sarah Brazier and Sarah Hicks

In the Trenches with Sarah Brazier and Sarah Jane Hicks

In this panel, we’re getting super tactical and digging into how two top-notch SDRs prospect.

We’ll dig into sequencing/cadences, balancing quality vs. quantity, how to research prospects, prospecting to SMBs vs. mid-market & enterprise, warming up prospects through social, and much, much more…

Richard Smith

The Anatomy of a Winning Cold Call (from analyzing thousands of them)

If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a breakdown of successful vs. unsuccessful cold calls, this is the talk to tune into.

Richard is bringing real call recordings and breaking down the winning formula for a cold call. At his company Refract, they’ve broken down thousands of cold calls to find what works and what doesn’t.

Justin Michael

Unorthodox Methods for Virtual Prospecting

If you’ve read the book Combo Prospecting, many of the techniques were based on Justin’s prospecting approach.

He’s known for using unorthodox, creative methods to get the attention of executives at Fortune 100 companies like Google.

In this talk, Justin’s going to share a half dozen or so prospecting strategies we guarantee you’ve never seen before.

Mark Hunter

A Mind for Sales

In this talk, Mark will talk about what’s needed to develop a success mindset and the habits required to break through to a whole new level of sales performance.

We’ll also dig into how he got into sales, why you can’t take clicks and likes to the bank, and why “staying busy” isn’t always the answer.

Deb Calvert

Ask Me Anything about Connections, Questions, and Leadership in Selling

This is an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Deb Calvert, an expert in the soft skills required for sales success. Making great personal connections isn’t about technology and magic bullets. It’s about connecting, engaging, and building trust.

She’s going to share what to do after you connect with a prospect on LinkedIn, how to build trust with complete strangers, and forming relationships to advance the sale. Bring your toughest prospecting questions for her to help you work through.

Meridith Elliott Powell

Sales Redefined: Turning Uncertainty To YOUR Competitive Advantage

In this talk, Meridith will be digging into how we can prospect better by getting more in tune with our customers, understanding how their pain points have changed, and how to sell in a virtual world.

Scott Ingram

Build Your Brand, Build Your Tribe

In this talk, Scott shares his journey over the last 10 years building the Sales Success Media brand. He’s going to share his journey building a top-notch personal brand, creating a community, and how to figure out what you want to be known for.

Art Sobczak

Smart Calling: How to Prospect Successfully—Without “Rejection”

Art is one of the go-to resources for how to prospect over the phone. In this talk, he’ll dig into how to make Smart Calls instead of cold calls, conduct proper pre-call research, and how to eliminate rejection. You’ll also learn about the origins of Smart Calling, the culmination of nearly four decades of teaching inside sales teams around the world.