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Outbound Sprint

Build the systems, skills, and confidence to consistently pack your pipeline with qualified opportunities

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Cohort Duration

4 weeks

The Outbound Sprint is a live, 4-week cohort-based program that’s helped 3,500+ Account Executives and SDRs/BDRs pack their pipeline with qualified opportunities.

As an Account Executive, this will help you:

  • Self-source 30%+ of your own opportunities through outbound
  • Increase pipeline coverage to 4-5x
  • Rely less on SDR and marketing support to hit your number

As an SDR/BDR, this will help you: 

  • Increase the total volume of meetings you set
  • Land higher-quality meetings that convert into qualified opportunities
  • Improve cold email and cold call conversion rates

Our promise: you walk away with a system and playbook to confidently secure meetings that turn into qualified opportunities, especially during times of economic uncertainty.

Our reps come from

What our 3,500+ alumni are saying

How is this different from other sales courses and training programs?


Interact on live calls

The calls are 90 minutes of action-packed strategies delivered workshop style. Show up, turn on your camera, and be ready to get shit done.


Get feedback, accountability, and coaching

Knowing isn’t enough. You’ll apply what you learn, get feedback, and be held accountable for showing up and doing the work. This ensures your new habits stick and deliver long-term results.


Learn proven, battle-tested frameworks

The same frameworks we’ve taught to the sales teams at Gong, Zoom, Monday.com, Medallia, and many more. And for every persona imaginable: security, IT, engineering, logistics, marketing, sales, customer experience, operations, HR, legal, and more.


Connect with other top performers

Every live call has multiple opportunities to rub shoulders with top-performing reps in breakout rooms. And you’ll get access to a community in our online platform to connect with other reps during and after the program.

Meet our alumni

Account Executives & SDRs/BDRs

Jordan Phillippi

Former AE at DataDome, now Enterprise AE at Zendesk

Jordan was an Account Executive who wanted to scale her outreach and rely less on SDR support to hit her number. She was lucky to get 2-3 meetings per month on her own. After the program, she was consistently landing 10+ quality meetings per month from her own efforts.

Joel French

Former BDR now AE at Databricks

Joel was a BDR who was riding the sales roller coaster—one week was great, the next week…giant goose egg. His biggest turning point was learning how to effectively objection handle with technical personas. Since the program, Joel was promoted to Account Executive and made President’s Club in 2022.

Annie Alvarez

Executive Recruiter

Annie joined the program because she needed to learn a more modern way to approach recruiting. Strategies that were more human and less mass blast. Her biggest takeaway was the R.E.P.L.Y. Method, where she learned how to write killer cold emails. She landed 3 big opportunities during the program.

2023: Your toughest year in sales

2009 to 2020 was the longest bull market in history. The economy was at an all-time high. Buyers had tons of budget, could take risks, and the majority of sales reps hit quota with little to no outbound.

Fast forward to 2023. This is arguably the toughest year in sales in the last decade and a half. Buyers are more risk-averse, CFOs get involved in every deal, and winning net-new business is tough.

But top performers are still winning. They’re doubling down on outbound opportunity creation. Reducing reliance on SDRs and marketing to hit their number. And making up for lower win rates by self-sourcing more opportunities through outbound.

Buyers spend 62% more time talking about price & budget


Deals take 40%+ longer to close than they did in 2020


77% of reps missed quota in Q4 2022


Quality Opportunities = Quantity x Quality

Top performers know that sales is BOTH a numbers and a quality game. And they’ve decided to over-index on the quality side of the equation. During the Outbound Sprint, you’ll master this 3-part formula for creating quality opportunities.


From Generic → Specialized

Narrow down your ideal client profile to cherry-pick your best accounts with the highest probability of a closed/won outcome.


From Product-Centric → Buyer-Centric

Break through the noise by focusing your messaging on the buyer’s priorities and problems—not your solution, features, or functions.


From Reluctant → Confident

Master the soft skills to confidently speak with executives and decision-makers in every channel: email, phone, and social.

Who is Outbound Squad for?

Outbound Sprint is a good fit if…

This program is not for:

What our 3,500+ alumni are saying

Here's how it works

Meet the trainer

Jason Bay here, but you can call me “JBay.” I’m the Founder & CEO at Outbound Squad. I’m on a mission to help reps and sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers. 

Sales is the only “adult job” I’ve ever had. And I’ve done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping thousands of B2B reps become world-class sellers.

We’ve been featured on nearly every top sales podcast. And you can learn more about my experience here on LinkedIn.


Program Start date: Tuesday, September 12th, 2023
Program End Date: Thursday, October 5th, 2023
Deadline to enroll: By EOD Tuesday, September 5th, 2023
Cohort duration: 4 weeks

All live sessions are recorded with full recordings, chat transcripts, detailed notes, and clips of the most important parts for those that can’t attend live.

The curriculum

We’ll start with the simple formula every rep needs to master. The Outbound Equation will help you consistently land high-quality meetings to meet and crush your quota.

Quality Meetings = Quantity x Quality (Fit + Message + Delivery)

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Three key strategies to drive higher-quality meetings
  • Three common mistakes avg. performers make (and how to avoid them)
  • How top performers land 2.7x more meetings than their peers
  • Benchmarking so you know what targets and conversions to aim for

Account Executives need to self-source between 30-50% of their pipeline right now (Salesloft). MQLs from marketing are drying up. And SDRs are tasked with supporting 2-4 Account Executives. You won’t hit quota unless you master self-sourcing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • How top-performing Account Executives organize their week
  • Hitting your outbound targets in 1-2 hours per day
  • Going deeper on fewer accounts to maximize the results of your efforts
  • Working well together with your SDR/BDR support

Proven outbound plays to help you quickly land meetings. The key here is helping you find low-hanging fruit that gets big results in little time.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Plays to re-engage closed/lost deals
  • Plays to re-engage stalled deals
  • Plays to engage past employees of current customers
  • Plays to engage prospects who follow your company’s LinkedIn profile
  • Plays to engage inbound leads (case study downloads, webinars, etc.)
  • And much more

An “industry agnostic” solution sounds pretty cool, but buyers don’t spend tons of money on generic solutions. They want to feel like you specialize in helping with their specific situation. You accomplish this through segmentation.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • 15+ hacks to reduce your learning curve selling to new personas and new industries
  • Prioritize your top 20% of accounts most likely to close this year
  • Prioritize your top 2-3 personas to land meetings with qualified buyers

Cold calling is a game of odds. The average rep has a 1.48% chance of a positive outcome from a cold call (Gong). We don’t like those odds. And we’re here to help you stack the odds back in your favor.

You have to choose conversations over meetings. Structure over scripts. And priorities over pitches.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • A simple-to-follow process from the intro of the call to securing the meeting
  • Conquer call reluctance and fear of calling the C-Suite
  • Nail your first impression and get past the first 15-30 seconds of the call
  • Create engaging questions using the Question Stacking framework
  • Develop a customized talk track for your specific personas
  • Make assistants and EAs your friends instead of gatekeepers
  • Voicemail strategies to drive reply rates and callbacks

There are two very hard truths about cold emails right now:

  1. The number of touches it takes to get a hold of prospects goes up every year
  2. The number of meetings the average rep secures through outbound goes down every year

It’s all about standing out with relevant messaging, building a repeatable process, and then knowing how to troubleshoot when it’s not working.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Quickly craft effective emails in minutes instead of hours with the R.E.P.L.Y. Method
  • Cut through the noise with effective hooks and attention grabbers
  • Achieve 40%+ open rates using boring 1-5 word subject lines
  • Drive double-digit replies through “personalization at scale”
  • Utilize dozens of proven cold emails plays and templates to help you get started

There isn’t a secret formula for the perfect mix of email, phone, and social touches to land meetings. But there are some fundamentals we can follow:

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase response rates by 3-4x using the K.I.S.S. framework
  • Use 1-2 sentence bump emails to drive cold email reply rates
  • You’ll create sequences leveraging these best practices:
    • Multi-touch. Sequences must run for at least 12-15 touches.
    • Multi-day. Sequences should last for at least 2-4 weeks.
    • Multi-channel. Sequences using phone, email, and social have 3-4x the response rate.

Ever hit the panic button when a prospect gives you an objection during a cold call? Not knowing what to say to prospects during cold calls is the biggest reason why reps don’t make more of them.

We’ll show you how to handle every one of your toughest prospecting objections. Without being sleazy or salesy.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Get comfortable with welcoming objections instead of deflecting them
  • Confidently handle any objection over the phone or email using the E.V.O. objection handling framework
  • Handle shallow objections like “not interested” or “I’m busy”
  • Handle more complex objections like “we already have a solution” or “we don’t have the budget”

When most reps aim to increase their productivity, they focus on the wrong goals: fitting more activity into less time.

The goal should be getting better results in the same amount of time or less. We believe that you probably already know what you should be doing. You’re just not doing it. Or it’s taking longer than it should.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Cognitive Load Theory: How your overloaded brain is making you dumb
  • Double your productivity through batching & cherry-picking
  • Metacognition: The key to world-class productivity as a sales rep
  • Use the same schedules top reps use to crush their weeks
  • Plus many other timeless productivity and time management tips

Save these dates

Session #1: Launch

Tuesday, September 12th @ 12:30pm EST

Session #2: Targeting & Messaging

Thursday, September 14th @ 12:30pm EST

Session #3: Phone Mastery

Tuesday, September 19th @ 12:30 pm EST

Session #4: Phone Mastery

Thursday, September 21st @ 12:30pm EST

Session #5: Objection Handling

Tuesday, September 26th @ 12:30pm EST

Session #6: Sequencing & Productivity Secrets

Thursday, September 28th @ 12:30pm EST

Session #7: Cold Email Mastery

Tuesday, October 3rd @ 12:30pm EST

Session #8: Cold Email Mastery

Thursday, October 5th @ 12:30pm EST

What you get access to after enrolling

Live Calls

8 live 90-minute curriculum sessions teaching you how top performers consistently land quality meetings

The foundation of the Outbound Sprint—our 90-minute live sessions.

These aren’t your normal boring Zoom calls. These are workshop-style learning experiences. We pack more sales nuggets into these sessions than most sales courses have in their entire curriculum—and you’ll leave feeling motivated, energized, and excited to prospect.

And no worries if you miss the live sessions—we take detailed show notes with replays, clips, chat transcripts, and more. 

You’ll retain lifetime access to these recordings.

Outbound Foundations Course

Our signature program in course form. You’ll find hours of bonus content to help you:

  • Choose your niche and build ideal client profiles
  • Craft killer messaging for your top personas
  • Troubleshoot messaging that isn’t working
  • Slay the call reluctance demons
  • Advanced cold calling approaches (intros, question frameworks, etc.)
  • Voicemail scripts
  • Talk tracks for handling your toughest objections
  • Sequencing frameworks to drive 2-3x more replies
  • How to achieve personalization at scale
  • Benchmarking
  • 10+ hours of video from previous webinars, live casts, and masterclasses

You’ll retain lifetime access to the course and any future updates.

Outbound Playbook

This is the same playbook sales teams give us tens of thousands of dollars to create from scratch.

All you need to do is customize the playbook for your specific personas and messaging. Your playbook will contain:

  • ICPs and segmentation criteria
  • Messaging for your top personas
  • Cold call talk tracks for your top personas
  • Objection handlers and battle-cards 
  • Proven sequencing approaches
  • Cold email templates for your top personas

The Outbound Plays Cold Email Pack

Getting started is the hardest part of writing cold emails. It’s easier to edit than to create from scratch. This cold email pack contains 15+ battle-tested templates to help you get started with common plays like:

  • Inviting prospects to webinars
  • Inviting prospects to meet at conferences, VIP dinners, or networking events
  • Reaching out to inbound leads (case study downloads, webinar sign-ups, etc.)
  • Re-engaging stalled or lost deals
  • Simple low-hanging fruit plays
  • And much more

You’ll retain lifetime access to this resource.

The Email Response Pack

About 1 out of every 3 email replies you get will be positive. The other two are your typical “not interested” or “take me off your list” responses. This email pack contains battle-tested reply templates to:

  • Reduce ghosting after prospects agree to meet
  • Turn “not interested” into a meeting
  • Turn “we’re using a competitor” into a meeting
  • And much more

You’ll retain lifetime access to this resource.

Dedicated Accountability Coaches

The easiest way to outbound consistently? Surround yourself with a squad of badasses for accountability to keep you on track. And inside the Outbound Sprint, we have a “No rep left behind” policy. Said another way, you will have everything you need to finally prospect with confidence and consistency.

An Immersive Community

The last and best part of what you’ll unlock—The Outbound Squad community. Nowhere else will you find a group of reps from nearly every continent (okay, we haven’t broken into Antarctica yet), demographic, time zone, background, interest, race, age, and perspective—all with the same goal to build more pipeline.

You’ll retain lifetime access to this community.

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Frequently asked questions

The Outbound Sprint is designed for all levels of experience. We train newly hired SDRs in their first few months in seat, all the way up to Enterprise Account Executives with 5+ years of experience. You’ll get the most out of this program if you’re at least 2-3 months into your role.

Self-paced courses have less than a 3-15% completion rate. There’s no accountability, community, or coaching to help when you get stuck. Live cohorts are also much more fun!

The Outbound Sprint if $599. Self-paced online courses typically range from $100-$1,000. And coaching programs are typically $300-500+ per month. We’re giving you the best of everything with the Outbound Sprint: live calls, a community, and lifetime access the course and tools. Our goal is to keep the program accessible, but enough that you keep accountable. The full price of the program is $599.

Every week, there are (2) 90-min workshop calls. And then about an hour or so of homework between session. So count on 4-5 hours of work per week in total. If you cannot commit that effort over the 4-week period, we don’t recommend you sign up for the program.

You totally could. That might take years of trial and error. And you’re doing it all alone. The Outbound Sprint will give you proven frameworks, a community, and coaching to help you get results.

Over half of the reps we’ve worked with sell software. The other half sell professional services, recruiting solutions, consulting, and other service offerings.

You might be thinking… sure, this works for other people. But my situation is unique. I sell a unique solution to a unique buyer. But we can assure you, over the past 5+ years, 3,500+ reps have generated killer results from the program. They’re more confidently landing meetings through their cold outreach and learning a skill they can take to any organization.

We know you’re busy! If something comes up, don’t worry. We got you covered. Every call will be recorded where you’ll have lifetime access to the replay.

You definitely can. About half of our reps are able to get this reimbursed. Here’s an email template to make it easier to ask your manager.

This is exactly why we created the Outbound Sprint. You’ll receive messages from our accountability coaches, along with being assigned an accountability pod to help you stay on track.

You will retain lifetime access to all of the course material including recordings of every session.

We have a 100% refund and rollover policy. We want the investment in the Outbound Sprint to be a no-brainer for you. If you participate in the live sessions and do all the homework, but still don’t find the program useful, drop us an email and we’ll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the start of the program.

Please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually participate and do the work. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get any value from the course, and you’ll have taken a place away from someone else.

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