Struggling to will yourself into making more cold calls?

Struggling to will yourself into making more cold calls?

Try this hack from Armand Farrokh


The hardest part of cold calling is getting started. It's just like working out—the hardest part is showing up.

So here's the hack:

Remove every obstacle in the way of getting started. And separate those tasks from the cold calls themselves.

The compound effect of cold calling when you don't want to is the difference between an AE who hits 80% of quota and an AE who hits 120%+.

Here are some ideas:

✅ 1. Prepare everything the day before

You know what makes cold calling hard to start? When you open your computer and realize you don't have a list of people to call. You haven't pulled their phone numbers. You're not sure what to say, etc.

Next thing you know an hour has gone by dials.

💡 Do this the day before your call blocks:
- Pick 30-45 prospects to call
- Pull their phone numbers
- Queue up the call tasks in your sales engagement platform
- Then rock your call block

✅ 2. Eat the frog—do the thing you hate first

Armand's rule: "When I start work in the morning, I'm not allowed to do anything until I make 40 cold calls."

Armand stacks everything he wants to do BEHIND the thing he needs to do. Nick Cegelski talks all the time about eating the frog and doing the hard thing first.

Sara Plowman shares the "9 before 9" philosophy of making 9 calls before 9am.

💡 Give yourself a minimum number of dials to complete before starting your day

✅ 3. Find accountability buddies

Again, just like working out—it's easier for most people in group settings. I love going to Orangetheory to be around other people grinding out a hard workout. It's hard for me to get to the gym on my own otherwise.

💡 Find 2-3 other AEs or BDRs who share a similar philosophy,and hold each other accountable to the dials


How do you will yourself to cold call when you don't want to?