How Sara Plowman self-sources a ton of meetings through cold calling

How Sara Plowman self-sources a ton of meetings through cold calling


βœ… Cheeky Opener

There's no such thing as a magic cold call opener. But Sara has fun with the intro and does something a little different.

"Hi Jason, this is Sara with ________. What did I catch you in the middle of?"

"Hi Jason, this is Sara. You're gonna hate me, this is a cold call. Can I have 30 seconds to chat?"

"Hi Jason, noticed that ________. Can I get 30 seconds to tell you the reason for my call?"

This will get you past the first 20-30 seconds.

What will you be tempted to do at this point? Yep, you guessed it. Pitch.

Sara does not pitch at this point. Instead, she uses a relevant hook that ties into her value prop.

βœ… Relevant Hook

Here are five hooks that Sara uses to add relevance to the next part of the call.

β†’ Referral

"I was just talking to [their colleague], and they mentioned I should reach out."

"[their colleague] mentioned that [goal or problem] is a focus right now."

β†’ Competitor reference

"[competitor A] and [competitor B] are [what they're focused on, challenges they're running into]."

β†’ Something in common

"Noticed we're both [from the same area, went to the same school, similar background, etc.]."

β†’ Former client of yours

"We worked with you guys back in [year] with [point of contact]."

"When you were back at [their old employer and your current client], we helped you guys [problem you helped with]."

β†’ Location drop

"[types of companies] in [location: city, state, or county] are seeing that [problem]."

Then segue right into the reason for your call.


"Nordstrom and Best Buy are running into a challenge where customers are not using the FAQ pages onlineβ€”and blowing up the contact centers and driving up the cost to serve. It's the #1 challenge right now we're seeing with contact center leaders. How does that resonate with you at ABC COMPANY?"


Which hook can you start using in your cold calls?