Cold Calling: So your fancy permission-based opener worked…what next?

Cold Calling: So your fancy permission-based opener worked...what next?

Don't make this mistake


Most reps at this point go for the pitch.

Which usually includes a "value prop" that sounds like this:

❌ Value Prop: What not to do ❌

Rep: "Can I get 30 seconds to tell you the reason for my call?"

Prospect: "Sure."

Rep: "Thank you, Jason. At Legal Biz Solutions, we improve workflows, increase profitability, and eliminate guesswork with our leading legal management solutions. We help CFOs perform all accounting and financial operations within a single paperless environment—and close on time and with certainty."

Prospect: "We already have a solution." OR "Not interested." OR "Can you send me an email?"

This approach is met with a lot of rejection. It's generic and super pitchy. Yet, this is what most reps will do.


Now here's where Nick Cegelski's approach comes in.

He believes in replacing your "Value Prop" with a "Problem Prop."

Prospects relate to THEIR problems, not YOUR solution.

✅ Problem Prop: What to do instead ✅

"Thank you, Jason. You can even start a timer if you'd like."

I called you because I talk to a lot of CFOs of insurance defense law firms. Most of them tell me they're really frustrated with all the deductions, rejections, and appeals they get from the e-bills they send insurance companies on behalf of their clients. I know I'm calling you out of the blue, but that's a problem we make go away for about 300 law firms across the United States.

I was wondering if you might be open to learning more when I'm not cold callng you out of the blue?"

This prompts a conversation around the prospect's world.


There are three core components (not listed in order) of a great problem prop:

▶︎ 1) Social Proof

This reduces skepticism. Drop a few relevant customer names or use Nick's approach above.

▶︎ 2) Common Problem

This demonstrates business acumen of their industry. You go from an outsider to an insider.

Try using these phrases:

- "Frustrated with..."
- "Anxious about..."
- "Concerned with..."
- "At their wit's end with..."

And get very specific with the most common problems your prospects & customers share.

▶︎ 3) Invitation To Continue

"Are you open to learning more?" = small commitment that invites a conversation

"Can we schedule a quick demo?" = large commitment that invites rejection