Prospects rescheduling? Here's how to make sure you don't get ghosted.

Prospects rescheduling? Here's how to make sure you don't get ghosted.


We've all been there. A prospective buyer needs to reschedule a sales call for whatever reason. Someone no shows a meeting. An internal fire is happening.

This happened to me several times this week.

Here's how I reschedule to keep the momentum:

✅ 1) Move the invite, don't cancel it

We add *Rescheduling* to the front of the title on the calendar invite until we reschedule. That way, everyone on the invite knows the meeting isn't happening. But we keep it on the calendar.

If the prospect shares additional times that work, we move the invite to one of those times.

If they don't, we move the calendar invite to another time. Then follow up via email/text to see if that works.

This keeps the invite on the calendar.

h/t to Armand Farrokh for this tip.

✅ 2) Suggest alternative times

Put your Executive Assistant hat on. Make it super easy to reschedule.

The biggest mistake you can make is responding to the buyer with:

"What other times work for you?"
"Are you free later this week?"
"What's next week looking like?"

This puts all the work on the buyer to reschedule.

Instead, suggest days and times (converted into their timezone). Eat all the complexity for the buyer.

Texting is the easiest way to do this. You should be texting your prospects.

✅ 3) Create boundaries

At some point, you must be willing to walk away.

Two last-minute reschedules (if I've never met the prospect) is my limit. Yours might be different.

But if I'm taking the time to prepare for a call beforehand, I don't want to continue wasting that time for someone who may never show up. Or take the place on my calendar if someone else is more deserving of it.

Think about your boundary in this area. And be willing to let the prospect come back to you if/when they change their level of seriousness.