My take on AI in sales

My take on AI in sales:

✅ Extra set of hands
⛔️ Not an extra brain (yet)

I've tested dozens of AI solutions:

▶︎ Cold email writing

Great at scoring and editing cold emails. But not at writing them from scratch. Way more work to use prompts than writing yourself.

▶︎ Conversational Intelligence

Great at summarizing calls, but not at coaching me on how to sell better. Still not great at transcribing prospects with accents, creating a lot of bad data.

▶︎ Revenue Intelligence

Great at quickly troubleshooting deals (e.g. not multi-threaded, etc.), but not at deal coaching. You'll get insights into where a deal is at risk, but it won't coach you on how to address that with a champion.

▶︎ Cold Calling

Not great at scoring my calls. Not great to role-play or practice with. Not great at providing live, in-the-moment coaching.

▶︎ Follow Up

Great at finding highlights in sales calls. But not great at writing an effective follow-up email that focuses on the right talking points.


I can go on and on.

AI won't replace salespeople anytime soon. But if you can't work with AI, you'll be replaced.

AI is in its early days, but I'm genuinely excited about ZoomInfo CoPilot. They're on the verge of AI being an "extra brain" to help your org. build higher-quality pipeline and close more deals.