A take on the future of outbound

A take on the future of outbound:

⛔️ Specialization of roles (SDRs vs. AEs, etc.)
✅ Specialization of channels (phone vs. LinkedIn vs. email)

Mark Kosoglow shared this take in PipeGen live last week.

He shared an example from his time at Catalyst:

- SDRs didn't manage their own LinkedIn inboxes
- A "social coordinator" took on this role
- This individual booked twice as many meetings as the reps

(correct me where I'm wrong here, Mark)

Key Idea: Channel Specialists

Instead of leveling up every rep's phone, email, and social skills, you assign specialists in each of these areas. Mark pointed to how professional sports teams have an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, special teams, etc.

✅ Email

An email team sends killer outreach on behalf of reps, the rep responds to replies

✅ Social

A social team posts content and sends DM on behalf of reps to book meetings

✅ Phone

A phone team builds lists, finds phone numbers, conducts research, and loads up a dialer for the rep. SDR teams are leaner with reps who crush on the phones.


This is the model a lot of the SDR & appointment-setting agencies use.

Personally, I'd love to see organizations move in this direction. It's simple in theory but requires a world-class ops leader to pull off.