Want your AEs to self-source more pipe?

Want your AEs to self-source more pipe?

Stop providing little to no:

⛔️ Training & enablement

Outbounding and selling are two different skills. 80%+ of reps are not good at both.

Don't expect AEs to pick up the phone without a great talk track. Don't expect responses to their emails without solid email coaching.

AEs need a playbook and consistent reinforcement.

Action: Build a quick & dirty playbook for AEs. And provide weekly or bi-weekly training on the latest best practices.

⛔️ Accountability

Outbound is hard. Let's be honest, it kinda sucks.

But just like exercising, it's necessary. And most people won't do it (including me) without accountability.

Action: Structure weekly 1-hour blocks for AEs to focus on pipeline generation. Then recruit a team lead or rep with leadership qualities to help hold the team accountable to their daily 1-hour block. Report on the results daily.

⛔️ Sales Math

Don't create arbitrary activity targets. Help every rep dial in the exact outbound activity required to hit their sales target.

Action: Work the math backwards from revenue/deals closed down to the number of outbound activities to set the meetings required to close enough deals.

⛔️ Coaching & feedback

Most managers do pipeline and deal reviews. They take up the majority of 1on1s and team calls.

Don't forget to add pipeline generation into the mix. Provide guidance to reps on accounts they can target, ways to approach, and feedback on their messaging.

Action: Carve out 10-15 min. of your weekly 1on1 to focus solely on PG.


You can't expect the majority of your AEs to self-generate pipe if you don't create a system for them to succeed.