Saying "sorry" in a cold call is unacceptable.

Saying "sorry" in a cold call is unacceptable.

Remove this word from your vocabulary.

Prospects don’t need apologies. They need acknowledgement.

You’re not doing anything wrong. You didn’t hurt the prospect.

And you immediately lower your status by being overly apologetic.

Now, acknowledgment shows self-awareness. That you understand people don’t like being on the receiving end of a cold call.

It makes the prospect feel less crazy knowing that you understand their frustration.

Instead of saying...

🚫 “I’m sorry for interrupting your day…”

🚫 "I'm sorry, didn't mean to catch you on your cell..."

🚫 “I'm sorry, didn't know you were hopping into a meeting..."

Say this instead…

✅ “Sounds like I caught you right in the middle of something—I'll be quick..."

✅ “All good since I'm calling you out of the blue…”

✅ "Totally understandable..."

Then follow that up with relevant information about them.

Don’t apologize. Acknowledge.