Win rates drop by 27% when reps focus too much on ROI

Win rates drop by 27% when reps focus too much on ROI

Here's what to do instead


Use relevant before/after customer stories.

The catch is that these stories have to be similar companies, in similar stages, of a similar size, etc.

And the rep has to know the story inside and out.

The problems?

⛔️ Reps are unfamiliar with deals they didn’t personally close

⛔️ Customer stories are buried in use case sheets or long case studies on the website

⛔️ Customer stories aren’t sortable by persona, industry, and/or use case

In other words, reps rarely use customer stories because they’re so hard to find.

Here’s the key idea: eat complexity for the reps.

Reduce the amount of time, effort, clicks, etc that it takes to find and use customer stories

Here’s the simple solve (that’ll take a few hours to build)

I call this a "Customer Story Cheat Sheet"

✅ Create a Google Sheet or Excel doc owned by enablement

✅ Create these columns

- Customer company
- Persona
- Industry
- Use case or solution
- Problem
- How you helped + result
- Bonus: unique insight behind the approach

At most, the problem + how you helped is 3-4 sentences

✅ Start by repurposing existing long-form case studies or use case examples into this format

✅ Tighten up the language with a few of your best AEs

✅ Rinse and repeat once per quarter or more with the best, most relevant new logos landed

✅ Bonus: Create 1 sentence snippets reps can pull into cold emails, sales follow up emails, etc.


Your sales team will absolutely eat up this resource. And it’s a great onboarding tool to quickly get new reps up to speed.

Get your reps telling more customer stories and focusing less on ROI.