CROs: Run this outbound play to break into massive accounts

CROs: Run this outbound play to break into massive accounts


Most CROs don't engage in deals. Or help reps break into ent/strat accounts.

I've never been a CRO before—so I can't tell you whether that's good or bad. You have a lot of responsibilities as a CRO.

But, I recently met a CRO who lands meetings with the C-Suite in MASSIVE accounts. The biggest companies you can think of in every category.

The key principle: Power is more willing to engage with power. Leverage the C-suite title.

Here's how it works:

✅ Pick 10 accounts to get started

Choose the top 10 accounts that can make the quarter/year if you win them. The best accounts are ones that reps have worked but not been successful in breaking through.

We'll assume you're already going after low-hanging fruit accounts where execs have existing relationships. So we won't count those as part of this exercise.

✅ Work in tandem with a great SDR

Pick one of the top SDRs to help. Ideally, this is someone with great leadership potential that you want to promote at some point.

✅ Optional: Give the SDR access to your LinkedIn account

This one will make you uncomfortable. You also have the option of creating a separate LinkedIn account as well.

But give the SDR autonomy to send approved messages.

✅ Execute the outreach

The SDR should do basic account research to find existing initiatives where your solution can add value.

Then they need to research the individuals in the C-suite to find podcasts interviews, features, etc. if available.

Pick 1-2 similar customers to mention in the message.

This should be mentioned in the outreach, along with how you can add value.

CTA: Ask for 10 minutes.

Send via email and LinkedIn message or InMail.

Here's what an example message could look like.



Solid Q1, and congrats on the success of Nordy Club sales.

Looks like membership growth is a key growth lever. I imagine member retention is a big focus.

Our team has had tremendous success helping CVS, BestBuy, and Kohl's run world-class membership programs.

Opposed to a quick 10-minute chat to learn more?


✅ Run intro call

These will likely go longer than 10 minutes. And the CEO will send you over to someone else in the C-suite.

Run a solid intro call and make an offer to introduce key team members on your side.


The email/LI message should have all of the components of a great cold email: research, problem, social proof, and CTA.

But the big difference is leveraging a c-suite title to get a meeting in the c-suite.

I wish more CROs and execs in companies would leverage this approach.