The next 2-3 months will make or break your year. Here's a strategy for getting off to a strong start in H2

The next 2-3 months will make or break your year. Here's a strategy for getting off to a strong start in H2


⛔️ Bad strategy: Keep working account list from top to bottom
✅ Good strategy: Cherry-pick the top 20%

The 80/20 rule is your best friend if you want a quick start to the new year.

☑️ 1/ Analyze the deals you worked with in H1:

↳ What were the top two industries where you won the most?
↳ For the closed/won deals, what personas was the first meeting with?
↳ For the closed/lost deals, what made them a bad fit?
↳ What size were the companies?
↳ Were there patterns in specific department headcount or growth?
↳ What triggers did they have in common?

💡 Key Action: Let your past successes determine where to spend your future efforts. Prioritize where you're more likely to win.

☑️ 2/ Make a list of closed/lost deals to re-approach:

↳ Timing was bad
↳ Contract renewal dates are coming up
↳ Missing features or capabilities
↳ Didn’t get access to power
↳ Lost to a competitor
↳ Lost to no-decision

💡 Key Action: Your buyer's circumstances can change dramatically in 3-6 months. Nurture and re-work your best deals.

Pro tip: If you never got access to power, start there.

☑️ 3/ Add your accounts into Sales Navigator, and run these searches:

↳ Accounts with prospects who are past employees of current clients
↳ Accounts within industries where you have the most success stories
↳ Accounts with newly hired executives that match your personas
↳ Accounts with good emails/phone numbers of your ideal personas
↳ Accounts with ideal triggers (hiring, etc.)
↳ Accounts where you have intro opportunities through teamlink
↳ Accounts where your leadership has connections
↳ Accounts where you have 1st-degree connections
↳ Accounts with contacts in your local geography
↳ Contacts who follow your company on LinkedIn
↳ Contacts you’ve had past interactions with on LinkedIn
↳ Contacts who are newly promoted into a leadership position

💡 Key Action: Cold outbound is the path of most resistance. Prioritize warm-ish outreach when possible.


Make the second half of the year about going narrow and deep—not wide and shallow across your accounts.

You can run a lot of this analysis using ChatGPT.