Lesson from Garrett Graston, Zoom's 2023 top sales manager

Lesson from Garrett Graston, Zoom's 2023 top sales manager


Be relentless about prioritizing your time.

It's easy to get into a rhythm where most of your week is:

- Spent in internal meetings
- Running reports
- Traveling
- Putting out fires

A big part of what makes Garrett so successful is looking at his week through these two filters:

1) What will make my team better?
2) What will make my customers better?

If it doesn't make one of those two categories, it's hard to get time with him.

He knows when to push back. Identify what internal meetings he won't add value to. And prioritize high-value areas to spend with his team.

We talked about this and much more in our podcast interview together:

✅ Being picky with hiring (and learning lessons from bad hires)
✅ Staying active, staying involved (selling and prospecting with your reps)
✅ Owning your week as a sales manager
✅ Building a culture of excellence (and not tolerating mediocrity)

This was a super fun episode packed with value.

Listen to the interview here: https://outboundsquad.com/garrett-graston/