"Our biggest gap is tactical 'how to do the job' outbound training"

"Our biggest gap is tactical 'how to do the job' outbound training"


Sales leaders tell me this constantly.

They've adopted a sales methodology. They're using a common messaging framework. And there's great enablement for "how to sell."

But what's missing:

1) The sales methodology doesn't translate to outbound

2) The messaging framework hasn't been translated into cold call talk tracks and cold email templates

3) There's little to no enablement for tactical outbound execution (e.g. what to say after the prospect picks up a cold call and says, "Hello?")

The best way to tackle this problem is with front-line leaders.

✅ Standardize and create a common language around what good outbound looks like

- Build a bank of cold call recordings and cold emails that landed meetings, handled objections properly, etc.

- Create a scorecard for cold calls and cold emails so everyone's on the same page with what good vs. bad looks like

- Document everything your best reps do

✅ Have front-line leaders rub shoulders with reps

Big mistake: front-line leaders haven't made a cold call in years. They should be in the pit every week with reps showing them that they can still do the job.

✅ Create a coaching culture

- In order to get coaching, reps must attempt to coach themselves. This creates a self-reliant sales culture.

- Have every rep pick 1 cold call to work through in every 1on1 meeting with their leader. They use the scorecard to rate themselves, then the leader grades them.


This won't completely solve the problem, but this is a killer start in the right direction to making outbound more tactical at your organization.

What would you add to the list?