Want to prevent an exec from multi-tasking on your sales call?

Want to prevent an exec from multi-tasking on your sales call?

Deliver "non-obvious insights" that challenge their status quo.


Because execs who learn something will:

→ Make time to attend future sales calls with you
→ Invite more of their peers into future conversations
→ Go to bat for you (especially with their boss)

Insights build credibility and confidence. When delivered correctly, you'll get access to power faster. And you'll win more deals.

Want to know if you have a great insight? Here's the question you must answer for the buyer:

"What did I learn today that I can take back to my team?"

The best time to leverage insights is throughout the initial intro call, when you meet an exec for the first time, and throughout demos.

Here's how to get started :

✅ 1) Current Narrative

You must master the buyer's current state. Know it inside and out. If you've met with enough prospects, you know how they tackle problems your solution helps with. Start with their current state.


- You sell a solution to help contact centers reduce the cost to serve
- Common mistake: To reduce incoming call volume, companies will implement chatbots, FAQ pages, and/or surveys
- Why this is a problem: Customers can't get the help they need, end up calling into the contact center anyway, and now they're angrier. You don't know the root cause behind WHY they can't self-serve.

✅ 2) Insight

Now, it's time to deliver an insight that challenges how the prospect views this problem. Ideally, this is backed by data and proof points.


- Most companies are reactive instead of proactive
- Only 7% of customers complete surveys (the vocal minority)
- The best data exists in the chats, texts, and phone calls with all of your customers
- Ask the prospect: "How are you capturing data today from chats, texts, and phone calls? And using that data to identify the root-cause behind why customers are calling in so you can prevent it?"

✅ 3) Customer Story

Let's wrap a bow on the insight by sharing a real example of a customer getting positive results.


"ABC Electric Co. was dealing with a similar problem. Increasing inbound calls, with no end in sight. By extracting data from texts, chat, and phone—instead of relying only on surveys—they could identify specific reasons why customers kept calling in. These insights reduced incoming call volume by 23% while increasing NPS by 36 points."


This is how you make executives pay attention. Challenge their status quo and way of thinking with real proof points and a relevant customer story.

Sales leaders, you must provide your reps with insights like these.