"Should we outsource SDRs?"

"Should we outsource SDRs?"

No, with rare exceptions.

There's a reason why customer churn is high at most of the outsourced SDR shops.

Outbound isn't as easy as paying $3-5k / month for a part-time SDR. And then expecting to see high-quality opportunities in 30-60 days.

I've NEVER worked with a client that was happy with their SDR agency.

- Poor show rates to meetings
- Terrible expectation setting with handoff
- Low-quality meetings with non-decision makers
- Few, if any, closed/won deals

But to be fair—it isn't always the SDR agency's fault.

Many of their clients expect them to be miracle workers.

An outbound-led sales motion is very different from an inbound-led sales motion.

If your AEs are used to meeting with inbound leads, they must be taught how to close outbound leads.

Prospects will likely not be problem-aware, there isn't a budget in place, and they probably won't have brand awareness.

Do not hire an SDR agency if:

⛔️ You've never done outbound before as an org.
⛔️ You sell enterprise
⛔️ You're breaking into new industries
⛔️ You haven't figured out your messaging or value drivers
⛔️ Your AEs aren't self-sourcing and doing their own outbound

No outsider will ever understand your customers as well as you do.

And it's only a bandaid to build a sales culture that doesn't understand how to excel at outbound.

It might make sense to work with an agency if:

✅ You know outbound works, but need help scaling it
✅ You've mastered messaging and value drivers
✅ Your AEs know how to close outbound deals


Agree or disagree?