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My sales engagement tool of choice. You can build a list account-based style through the platform, use it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, or use their Chrome extension on the prospect's website. They also have access to direct dials along with emails.

If you haven't tried video prospecting yet, what are you waiting for? It's one of the most effective tools at your disposal right now. Download Vidyard and check out our video prospecting guide here to get started.

A very cool tool to couple with Vidyard. Weava allows you to make save highlights on your screen. Great way to highlight sections of a Linkedin profile or website when sending videos or doing demos.

My go-to tool for conversational intelligence. I use Wingman to analyze my sales calls to pick up patterns in what's helping or hurting my close rates. Wingman records, transcribes, and makes sales call recordings actionable.

If you prospect to publicly traded companies, you need this tool. It’s free and has transcripts of quarterly earnings calls. It’s the quickest way to find triggers for your outreach.

Best tool (maybe the only?) for LinkedIn analytics. It’ll analyze your posts and pull all the stats into one place so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Great for finding patterns in your best stuff.

Sales Navigator is going to give you access to lead and account filters you won't find with a normal LinkedIn account. You'll be able to see job alerts, triggers, and set up a system to find the lowest-hanging fruit opportunities to prospect to.

Skitch is a great tool for marking up images, taking screenshots, adding text, and whatever else you need to communicate your message properly.

One thing in common I see in many cold emails I review is grammar errors. I use Grammarly to spell-check emails before I send them and it keeps me from embarrassing myself!

If you're seeing higher than a 5% bounce rate you need to validate your email addresses. Too many bounces will trigger Gmail's and Outlook's spam filters. NeverBounce is as easy as uploading a .csv file with your contacts and in a few minutes, it'll let you know invalid and questionable emails.

If you've ever needed to format a spreadsheet with 1,000+ rows it can be a pain. Especially if you need to remove a character, or reformat phone numbers. With Power Tools, you run bulk tasks like removing spaces at the end of cells, removing words within cells, or splitting cells...all at the click of a button.

Mail Tester is the best tool for quickly testing the deliverability of your cold emails and newsletters. Send them an email, and in a few seconds you'll get a detailed report of what is and isn't working. Shoot for a 7/10 or higher.

It's amazing how few salespeople use a scheduling app. Calendly is one of the easiest tools I've found that prevents back-and-forth emails when scheduling meetings with prospects. The harder it is to schedule a meeting, the less likely a prospect will meet with you. Make it easy with Calendly.

Google Chrome is notorious for draining your computer's ram and slowing down your browser speed. OneTab is a great way to minimize tabs you're not using, without losing them.

I noticed one day I was copying/pasting the same 10-15 lines of text over and over again—scheduling links, email responses, meeting responses, etc. With Paste, I can store everything I've ever copied into one place for easy access later. It's awesome.

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