App & Tool Recommendations

Note: Many of the links below are affiliate links. We only recommend products that we 100% endorse.

Research Tools, Finding Emails & Phone Numbers

Best overall solution for phone numbers, email addresses, and more. Email Jason here if you'd like an introduction.
Great way to supplement ZoomInfo data for EMEA and APAC markets.
Great alternative if you’re more budget conscious.
Sales Navigator is going to give you access to lead and account filters you won't find with a normal LinkedIn account. You'll be able to see job alerts, triggers, and set up a system to find the lowest-hanging fruit opportunities to prospect to.
If you prospect to publicly traded companies, you need this tool. It’s free and has transcripts of quarterly earnings calls. It’s the quickest way to find triggers for your outreach.

Sales Engagement Tools & Dialers

Great revenue intelligence tool that's playing in the sales engagement space as well now. Email Jason here if you'd like an introduction.
If you haven't tried video prospecting yet, what are you waiting for? It's one of the most effective tools at your disposal to differentiate your outreach.
The best dialer on the market. Their enterprise Account Executives book 3-5 meetings every week using this dialer.
One of our favorite sales engagement tools because it’s so simple to use right within your email browser.

Other Tools We Love

One thing in common I see in many cold emails I review is grammar errors. I use Grammarly to spell-check emails before I send them and it keeps me from embarrassing myself!
This tool blocks out 99% of background noise. Keep prospects from hearing your barking dog, crying child, or the landscaper. A must for every sales rep.
Mail Tester is the best tool for quickly testing the deliverability of your cold emails and newsletters. Send them an email, and in a few seconds you'll get a detailed report of what is and isn't working. Shoot for a 7/10 or higher.
One of the best tools around for creating sales playbooks, documenting processes, and taking notes. We use it every day at Outbound Squad.
Best tool (maybe the only?) for LinkedIn analytics. It’ll analyze your posts and pull all the stats into one place so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. Great for finding patterns in your best stuff.