Get Help From The Best

Meet our world-class crew of vetted reps, sales leaders, and coaches to help you execute the Outbound Squad methodology and pack your pipeline with qualified meetings.

Jason Bay

CEO & Founder @ Outbound Squad
Jason has over a decade and a half of experience selling and leading sales teams. He's trained AEs and SDRs at Gong, Zoom, Medallia, Rippling, and many more. His super power? Teaching reps how to slay their cold calling dragons.

Jen Allen-Knuth

Founder @ DemandJen
Jen has nearly two decades of enterprise selling experience. She's one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in SaaS. And she teaches one of the best cold email approaches in the industry.

Jed Mahrle

Founder @ Practical Prospecting
Jed has 5+ years of experience crushing quota. He was the youngest hire in company history at PandaDoc and was the top SDR in percent to quota in only 2 months. He's led SDR teams and built them from scratch at Mailshake.

JC Pollard

Account Executive @ Gong
In JC's first SDR role at Gong, he never finished a month under 120% of quota. In his best quarter at Gong as an AE, he hit 254% of quota. Oh, and he might be the best cold caller in SaaS right now.

Sean Gentry

Sr. Manager Corporate Sales @ Webflow
Sean has 12 years of experience selling and leading SaaS teams. He's led teams at SnackNation, Zillow, Outreach, Catalyst, and now Webflow—and hired & trained 100+ AEs and 20+ managers.

Brendan Dodge

Senior Account Executive @ VC3
Brendan was one of the first coaching clients for Outbound Squad. In the last 4 years, he's crushed it in his role as an AE and is now helping coach reps for us at Outbound Squad.

Krysten Conner

Founder @
Krysten most recently sold for UserGems and Outreach as a senior enterprise AE. She regularly finished as the top rep on her team and one of the top reps across the sales org. Her specialty? New logo acquisition.

Vin Matano

Senior Account Executive @ DemandBase
Vin has a long track record as a top performer. He's a 3x SDR of the year, 3x President's Club earner, and regularly hits 150%+ of his quota. He also boasts a 24.3% cold email reply rate.

Anthony Natoli

Senior Account Executive @ LinkedIn
Anthony has sold for a few of the top tech companies out there: Outreach, Lattice, and now LinkedIn. He's an Account Executive who excels at self-sourcing massive amounts of pipeline and will help you do the same.

Will Padilla

Senior Account Executive @ Grin
Will hasn't missed quota in over four years. He's best known for using extremely creative outreach approaches through email, video, and social.

Eddie Cortez

Founder @ Kick-SaaS Coaching
Eddie has nearly a decade of experience in sales. He's spent the last five years leading SDR teams and coaching reps into outbound badasses.