30-Day Live Cohort Program For Individuals

Outbound Sprint™️
Build the systems, skills, and confidence to consistently pack your pipeline with qualified opportunities.
Program Start Date
April 9th, 2024
Deadline to Enroll
EOD April. 1st, 2024
Cohort Duration
4 Weeks

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What You'll Get
8 live 90-minute workshop sessions
($499 value)
Outbound Foundations Course
($299 value)
Customizable Outbound Playbook
($99 value)
The "Short & C-Suite" Cold Email Pack
($99 value)
The Cold Email Response Pack
($99 value)
An interactive community of top-performing reps
($99 value)
General Admission
Outbound Sprint workshop calls,  course, email packs & community
Sign up and join 3,500+ Account Executives and BDRs/SDRs who are consistently packing their pipeline with qualified opportunities, breaking into larger accounts, and engaging more executives in their deals.
VIP Pass
Everything from General Admission + tailored 1on1 coaching
  • Dedicated Outbound Squad coach
  • Unlimited access to your coach via email/DM during the sprint to help when you get stuck
  • [4] 1on1 coaching calls ($1,596 value)
  • [1] Group coaching call with Jason and other VIP members after Outbound Sprint ($349 value)
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No ridiculous claims
We won't make ridiculous promises like "this program will double your sales!" But we can promise that if you put in the work and follow our guidance—you will consistently book more qualified meetings and build your pipeline.
“I was able to implement some of those CTAs with prospects in my initial outreach, and I was able to successfully book 3 meetings in the span of over a week! I've been using them regularly in my conversations and my meetings booked number has already started to improve.”
Ryan Charko @ Carousel Signage
“Set 3 meetings after taking advantage of the messaging matrix exercise. Gained the confidence to consistently cold call.”
Joseph Devlin @ Goodway Group
“I implemented one of the openings we worked on and was able to set 2 appts.”
Kerri Moser @ Imprint
“If you just isolate the results this course has given me, I am now booking one more qualified meeting per week using the frameworks.”
Charlie Ezgur @ Strategic Accounts ISR @ Gong
“Outbound Sprint was absolutely worth it…the best sales training I’ve ever done. The biggest win is feeling more confident with calling…I’ve managed to book more meetings from cold calls than I did in the past and I don’t avoid cold calls anymore.”
Jonathan Templin @ Mathspace
“I implemented the strategies relevant to me immediately after each session. The last week of Outbound Squad I hit my weekly goal of 3 meetings booked!”
Abigail Haven @ Concept3D
“I have a totally different mentality now. I love the work you have done especially in the formulas for cold calling.”
Isa Svaluto-Ferro @ Papaya Global
“Using the framework Jen shared around cold emails, I’ve actually booked 4 meetings with prospects, and I’ve used the tips around using LinkedIn to target prospects who are hiring to book 2 additional meetings.”
Gary Corbett @ Magnetude Consulting