Overcome call reluctance, build meaningful relationships with prospects, and land more meetings with your ideal clients


Relate to any of these struggles?

  • You have thousands of companies and contacts you could go after, how do you find the best ones?
  • Writing cold emails takes too long and your response rates are low
  • Building a sequence/cadence is a lot of work and you’re not sure how many touches to have
  • You know you should personalize your cold emails, but that whole process takes way too long
  • Call reluctance keeps you from picking up the phone, and you hide behind email & LinkedIn messages
  • You freeze up when prospects give you objections


  • To know exactly what companies are the perfect-fit for your solution
  • To streamline the cold email process and get double digit reply rates
  • To build a badass sequence/cadence with the right number of emails, calls, and social touches to make contact
  • To know exactly what to look for when personalizing your emails, so you avoid the personalization rabbit hole
  • To feel confident picking up the phone and securing meetings from your cold calls
  • To feel confident handling any objection your prospect gives you


Build your confidence and walk away with a battle-tested game plan for landing consistent meetings

Learn how to identify the best opportunities, and empathize more with your prospects to have smarter conversations.

  • Find a niche. How to choose niches and create ideal client profiles to get better outcomes from your outreach.
  • Messaging Matrix. Nail the messaging for your top personas to make crafting cold emails and creating talk tracks a breeze.

That’s right, a whole module dedicated to cold calling!

  • Minimize Call Reluctance. A psychology-based framework for overcoming call reluctance and the fear of being salesy.
  • From Reluctant to Confident. Learn actionable frameworks and tactics for dealing with gatekeepers, calling on executive decision-makers, and leaving effective voicemails.
  • Question Stacking. A framework for asking questions to get prospects to stop, think, and create a need for meeting with you.
  • E.V.O. Objection Handling Framework. Learn how to handle and prevent your toughest prospecting objections.

Build a contact strategy to break through the clutter using a simple sequencing framework.

  • The R.E.P.L.Y. Method™. A repeatable, prospect-first messaging framework for creating killer cold emails and cold call talk tracks.
  • Subject line formulas. Learn how to achieve 50%+ open rates using unique, creative subject lines
  • Weekly Touch Patterns. How to make email, phone, and LinkedIn work together and know exactly how and when to follow up.

Learn how to scale and implement everything you’ve learned.

  • The art of hustling less to achieve more. What world-class entrepreneurs and sales professionals use to accomplish more than their peers on a daily basis.
  • Benchmarking & Troubleshooting. Learn how you stack up to the industry avg. and then how to troubleshoot what isn’t working.

Bonus lessons with industry greats like Belal Batrawy, Nick Cegelski, Armand Farrokh, and many more.

what kind of outcomes
can you expect?


Learn simple frameworks to create more predictability in qualified meetings set per month. Get off the roller coaster and create more consistency in your pipeline.


Avoid getting stuck with non-decision makers by learning tactics and techniques to land meetings with VPs and C-level decision-makers.


Techniques for multi-threading and moving up market to effectively engage larger accounts and land bigger deals.


Feel more confident and prepared when reaching out to prospects, conducting calls, and having quality conversations.


Learn how to remove with ickiness and salesy aspects of prospecting and start quality conversations with your prospects. Get accountability from the Jason and the rest of the group.


Results vary, but students typically see a 10-30% increase in qualified meetings set. This is largely dependent on you putting in the work!

You’re a great fit if:

✅  You’re already dedicating time every week to prospecting

✅  You’re an AE, SDR, or BDR working in SaaS or tech OR you’re a full-time inside or outside salesperson working in traditional industries selling products and/or services

✅  You’re a sales leaders with an individual quota or business owner who owns the sales function at your company

✅  Your company is not a pre-revenue startup and has great product-market fit

✅  You sell a B2B product or service

✅  You have access to emails and phone numbers for your prospects

✅  Your company gives you some freedom around what you say in your cold emails and cold calls

This isn’t a good fit if:

⛔️  You’re looking for quick-fix copy/paste templates

⛔️  You’re unwilling to put in the work to improve your outbound prospecting

⛔️  You’re a business owner and sales isn’t your primary role


participant testimonials

here's more

Joel French, Business Development Rep at Databricks​

Nicole Ramirez, Associate Broker at Bolton & Company

Jordan Greek, VP of Sales, Northwest at Knock CRM

Jordan Phillippi, Key Account Manager at DataDome

Annie Alvarez, Executive Recruiter at AJ Recruiting Company

Ryan Taylor, Account Executive at LINBIT

David Uytterhaeghe, BDR Manager at Sparkling

Mikaeel Adnan, BDR at PagerDuty

Kevin Gordon, Global Account Manager at SnapLogic

meet the trainer

Hi, my name is Jason Bay. Most people call me "JBay".

I’m on a mission to help reps and sales teams turn complete strangers into paying customers. A few of mour clients include reps and sales teams from companies like Zoom, CBRE, Medallia, Xfinity, Gong, and many more.

Sales is the only “adult job” I’ve ever had. And I’ve done everything from selling house painting services door to door, running outbound call centers, to helping thousands of reps master cold outreach.

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  • Worksheets, playbooks, email templates, and cold call talk tracks
  • Instant access to course content once you enroll


Will I still benefit from the course if I’m beyond my first few years as a salesperson?
I understand the concern here. If you’ve been selling for several years, you don’t want to be in a group that’s geared towards rookie salespeople. But it’s the wrong question to ask. It’s not about how long you’ve been prospecting, it’s about how good you are at it. If you have less than a 10% reply rate to your cold emails and aren’t scheduling 50% of the people you connect with on cold calls for meetings, you’ll definitely get a ton of value from this course. Sales is a sport. And like any sport, it’s about mastery of the fundamentals.

How long will I have access to the content?
When you enroll, your one-time purchase will give you lifetime access to the course without having to pay another dime.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
The course material and homework will take 1-2 hours per week for optimal results.

Will this work if I can’t send cold emails?
It might—but I don’t feel confident in making that promise. You should have access to email and call your prospects. If you don’t, this is not a good investment for you at this time.

Will this work if I sell a technical product or service?
Yes. Regardless of how technical your buyers are, they still respond well to a prospecting approach that doesn’t pitch features and benefits. You’ll learn how to talk to their problems and connect to the results you create. A language every buyer understands.

What are the typical results?
Results vary depending on how much time you dedicate to the material. But oftentimes we see a 10-20% increase in meetings set by the time you complete the course.

Will this work for my industry?
We have students selling SaaS, professional services, insurance, recruiting, and everything in-between. As long as you’re selling your product/service to a business, this approach will work for you.

Is there a guarantee?
I’m heavily involved in the sales community. You probably found me on LinkedIn or through a podcast, right? I don’t say that to boast (not my style). I say that because, frankly, my reputation is on the line. If this doesn’t deliver the goods for you, my reputation would be ruined. And I’d lose a lot of credibility.

Having said that, here’s the guarantee: Complete the course. If you decide afterwards that this wasn’t helpful for you, I’ll refund every penny. I call it the “JBay guarantee.”

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