Outbound Squad™

This program is for reps who crave accountability, structure, and results over theory. If you hate hitting plateaus in your sales career, keep reading.

you don't need more sales content

My guess is that you probably consume a good amount of sales content. Podcasts, webinars, LinkedIn posts. It’s likely how you found me.

But here’s the thing about top salespeople: they don’t spend all day consuming content. You know that.

They execute. They know that success comes from spending time on two activities:

  1. Opening new opportunities and
  2. Closing existing ones

The challenge? Staying focused. Knowing what to work on and where to spend your time.

You can only dedicate a few hours per week to your development. And those hours should be on high-impact activities that really move the needle.

This is exactly why I started Outbound Squad.

what is outbound squad?

Look, you’re good right now. But this program is for reps that want to be great. Reps who are committed to the craft.

If you put in the work, we’ll help you increase your income by $1,000 – $3,000 per month.

And it isn’t a fit for everyone.


✅  Who sell a B2B product or service

✅  Who have been in sales for a minimum of one year and want to level up beyond the basics

✅  Who prospect AND close deals (if you’re an SDR/BDR and want to become an Account Executive, this is a good fit)

✅  Who value collaborating and being around other top performers

✅  Who know they have more to learn and are willing to work their ass off to grow

✅  Who are already successful, but want to add $1-3k to their monthly income over the next 6-12 months


⛔️  Looking for quick fix shortcuts or hacks

⛔️  Who do not want to level up and be a top performer at their company

⛔️  Who are just in it for the money and don’t give a shit about their clients

⛔️  Who use any sort of shady or deceptive tactics to “trick” their prospects

⛔️  Who are just getting started in the first few months of their sales career and haven’t sold anything yet

⛔️  Who are unwilling to dedicate a few hours per week outside of normal working hours


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