Outbound Sprint™ 4-Week Live Cohort Program

“Spray & Pray” Went Out of Style a Decade Ago
A modern outbound approach to pack your pipeline with qualified opportunities—and get off the sales roller coaster for good.
  • Build a battle-tested outbound playbook
  • Master phone, email & social
  • Reduce reliance on marketing and SDRs
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Program Start Date
April 9th, 2024
Deadline to Enroll
EOD April. 1st, 2024
Cohort Duration
4 Weeks
Trusted by world-class reps and sales teams 
“Within the first day of Outbound Sprint, 3 of my BDRs mentioned how their new talk track helped land a meeting with people who had brushed them off in the past.”
Mariah DeVogelaere @ LeadSimple
“We had our highest month ever of meetings set during the month of the Outbound Sprint…My team walked away with multiple ‘ah ha!’ moments after every single session.”
Eric DeLaune @ Taulia
If you're like most of our clients, you have big revenue targets this year
  • Outbound is key to hitting aggressive growth targets this year—but you’ve relied on an inbound-led sales motion

  • AEs need to self-source more opportunities to increase pipeline coverage—but they’re too reliant on marketing and SDRs

  • Moving up-market, into new verticals, or launching new products—but reps are doing too much product pitching
The Problem
You’re sending thousands of emails to prospects who rarely open and never reply
You make thousands of cold calls, prospects rarely pick up the phone, and you get stuck on objections
The same playbook you ran a few years ago doesn’t work so well anymore. 
But…you still have to hit or exceed target in an environment where most reps aren't hitting quota
Your Options
You could purchase yet another sales course, listen to more podcasts, read more books, watch more YouTube videos, consume more LinkedIn posts, watch another webinar, etc.
The Result
You waste hours spinning your wheels finding the perfect content for your situation—and you never get the personalized help you need to successful apply the strategies and tactics.
Hire Consultants
You could spend six or seven figures and hire a consulting firm. Then wait 6 months for a 50+ page strategy document you’ll have to figure out how to apply.
The Result
All strategy and no tactics. Reps are left to their own devices to make a 50+ page document tactical enough to use in live situations with prospects.
Join Outbound Sprint™️
You get a good blend of live training & workshops, help when you get stuck, and a system proven to work across many different industries and personas.
The Result
In just a few hours every week, you learn repeatable frameworks customized with our guidance. You remove the mystery behind how to get outbound to work for you.
The Winning Process
Step #1:
Nail your niche
Step #1:
Nail your niche
Your next best deal looks a lot like your last 10. Analyze your best deals and meetings. Then apply the majority of your future efforts to your top industries, personas, and use cases.

We’ll help you:
  • Find patterns where you win the most
  • Identify time-wasters to avoid at all costs
Step #2:
Find low-hanging fruit
Step #2:
Find Low-Hanging Fruit

"Every inbound lead was an outbound yesterday." Look for potential intros, referrals, previous customers, newly hired executives, etc. to warm up your outbound.

We’ll help you:

  • Find prospects with a higher likelihood of responding
  • Properly re-engage closed/lost or stalled deals
  • Fully leverage LinkedIn & Sales Navigator to land more meetings
Step #3:
Fine-tune your messaging
Step #3:
Fine-tune your messaging

The universal language between you and the prospective buyer is THEIR priorities and problems. Meet your prospects in their world first—before ever talking about your solution. 

We’ll help you:

  • Share a succinct value prop your prospect will immediately understand
  • Build a messaging blueprint you can repurpose for cold calls, cold emails, etc.
Step #4:
Build a repeatable contact strategy
Step #4:
Build a repeatable contact strategy

Random acts of prospecting will yield poor outcomes. You need proven sequencing strategies that show you exactly how many calls, emails, and social touches to make before moving on.

We’ll help you:

  • Develop a multi-channel sequence to maximize contact rates
  • Remove the mystery behind the number of emails, calls, and social touches to make
Step #5:
Channel mastery
(phone + email + social)
Step #5:
Channel mastery
(phone + email + social)

No channel is dead. And no channel is better than the other (although we love the phones at Outbound Squad). It’s about leveraging all channels and making them work together.

We’ll help you:

  • Nail the first 60 seconds of the cold call (where 80% of cold calls die)
  • Engage prospects with effective questions to secure the meeting
  • Get 80%+ show rates for meetings you set
  • Use the Reply Method™️ cold email framework for double-digit reply rates
Step #6:
Own the week
Step #6:
Own the week

Master your time and eliminate distractions. Dial in your sales math to reverse-engineer the exact amount of activity needed to hit your target.

We’ll help you:

  • Leverage the same weekly schedules top-performing AEs & SDRs
  • Implement time-tested productivity principles to get more done in less time
How Outbound Sprint™️ can help
Interact on live calls
The calls are 90 minutes of action-packed strategies delivered workshop style. Show up, turn on your camera, and be ready to get shit done.
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“The interface and programming were extremely easy to follow along.”
Andy Phelps @ Truist
“The breakout sessions were super valuable.”
Mikayla Reddy @ Catchpoint
“Some really tangible takeaways - powerful framework, little tips, good connection in breakout rooms, it was all amazing!”
Carolyn Hushek @ Concept3D
“We weren’t just thinking and consuming content—we had the opportunity to do, apply, and get feedback as well.”
Jonathan Templin @ Mathspace
“I was able to put what I learned into action immediately.”
Bryce Kendall @ Taulia
Practice in real-time
We’re not big on homework. You’ll learn a new technique, practice in a small group, and then try it out in the wild.
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Learn from guest experts
We don’t believe in “sales gurus.” There isn’t one way—there are many ways. We’ve hand-picked expert coaches, trainers, and quota-carrying reps/leaders from Gong, LinkedIn, DemandBase, and many more. Meet your coaches here.
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I think my favorite part was the real-world examples from the guests that were brought on. They helped me understand what they've gone through specifically, as well as what's worked and what hasn't in the past.”
Ryan Charko @ Carousel Signage
“I learned so much from other people in Outbound Sprint and the speakers. Jen was my favorite!”
Clair Hasselman @ Carousel Signage
“I loved the different speakers that came and taught and shared their insights.”
Isabelle Goodrum @ Emissary
“I enjoyed the experience of learning from others who are faced with the same challenges I face. “
Charles Mercer @ Savi Linx
“The networking was nice (I don't feel so alone now!)”
Mia Cyprysiak @ Trella Health
“Loved the collaborative sessions, engaging with others with similar experiences, exchanging ideas.”
Joanna Alvarado @ Springbuk
Learn from your peers
Rub shoulders with other top performers in breakout rooms and the interactive community.
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No ridiculous claims
We won't make ridiculous promises like "this program will double your sales!" But we can promise that if you put in the work and follow our guidance—you will consistently book more qualified meetings and build your pipeline.
“I was able to implement some of those CTAs with prospects in my initial outreach, and I was able to successfully book 3 meetings in the span of over a week! I've been using them regularly in my conversations and my meetings booked number has already started to improve.”
Ryan Charko @ Carousel Signage
“Set 3 meetings after taking advantage of the messaging matrix exercise. Gained the confidence to consistently cold call.”
Joseph Devlin @ Goodway Group
“I implemented one of the openings we worked on and was able to set 2 appts.”
Kerri Moser @ Imprint
“If you just isolate the results this course has given me, I am now booking one more qualified meeting per week using the frameworks.”
Charlie Ezgur @ Strategic Accounts ISR @ Gong
“Outbound Sprint was absolutely worth it…the best sales training I’ve ever done. The biggest win is feeling more confident with calling…I’ve managed to book more meetings from cold calls than I did in the past and I don’t avoid cold calls anymore.”
Jonathan Templin @ Mathspace
“I implemented the strategies relevant to me immediately after each session. The last week of Outbound Squad I hit my weekly goal of 3 meetings booked!”
Abigail Haven @ Concept3D
“I have a totally different mentality now. I love the work you have done especially in the formulas for cold calling.”
Isa Svaluto-Ferro @ Papaya Global
“Using the framework Jen shared around cold emails, I’ve actually booked 4 meetings with prospects, and I’ve used the tips around using LinkedIn to target prospects who are hiring to book 2 additional meetings.”
Gary Corbett @ Magnetude Consulting
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What You'll Get
8 live 90-minute workshop sessions
Outbound Foundations Course
Customizable Outbound Playbook
The Outbound Plays Cold Email Pack
The Email Response Pack
Dedicated Outbound Squad accountability coaches
Lifetime access to session recordings with detailed show notes, resources, and transcripts
An interactive community of top-performing reps
For Individuals
Sign up and join 3,500+ Account Executives and BDRs/SDRs who are consistently packing their pipeline with qualified opportunities, breaking into larger accounts, and engaging more executives in their deals.
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For Teams
Have a team of Account Executives who need to self-source more pipeline through outbound? Or a team of SDRs/BDRs who need to set higher quality meetings? Check out our team packages.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I experienced enough for this program?
The Outbound Sprint is designed for all levels of experience. We train newly hired SDRs in their first few months in seat, all the way up to Enterprise Account Executives with 5+ years of experience. You’ll get the most out of this program if you’re at least 2-3 months into your role.
How much does this cost?
The Outbound Sprint if $599. Self-paced online courses typically range from $100-$1,000. And coaching programs are typically $300-500+ per month. We’re giving you the best of everything with the Outbound Sprint: live calls, a community, and lifetime access the course and tools. Our goal is to keep the program accessible, but enough that you keep accountable. The full price of the program is $599.
Couldn't I just do this myself with all of the free sales content out there?
You totally could. That might take years of trial and error. And you’re doing it all alone. The Outbound Sprint will give you proven frameworks, a community, and coaching to help you get results.
Can this really work for me?
You might be thinking... sure, this works for other people. But my situation is unique. I sell a unique solution to a unique buyer. But we can assure you, over the past 5+ years, 3,500+ reps have generated killer results from the program. They’re more confidently landing meetings through their cold outreach and learning a skill they can take to any organization.
Can I expense this?
You definitely can. About half of our reps are able to get this reimbursed. Here’s an email template to make it easier to ask your manager.
How long do I have access to the course materials?
You will retain lifetime access to all of the course material including recordings of every session.
Why live cohorts vs. self-paced courses?
Self-paced courses have less than a 3-15% completion rate. There’s no accountability, community, or coaching to help when you get stuck. Live cohorts are also much more fun!
What's the time commitment?
Every week, there are (2) 90-min workshop calls. And then about an hour or so of homework between session. So count on 4-5 hours of work per week in total. If you cannot commit that effort over the 4-week period, we don’t recommend you sign up for the program.
What industries is this program geared towards?
Over half of the reps we’ve worked with sell software. The other half sell professional services, recruiting solutions, consulting, and other service offerings.
What if I can't attend the live sessions?
We know you’re busy! If something comes up, don’t worry. We got you covered. Every call will be recorded where you’ll have lifetime access to the replay.
I don't trust myself to complete the course. How will you hold me accountable?
This is exactly why we created the Outbound Sprint. You’ll receive messages from our accountability coaches, along with being assigned an accountability pod to help you stay on track.
What’s the refund policy?
We have a 100% refund and rollover policy. We want the investment in the Outbound Sprint to be a no-brainer for you. If you participate in the live sessions and do all the homework, but still don’t find the program useful, drop us an email and we'll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of the start of the program.

Please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually participate and do the work. If you don't do the work, you won't get any value from the course, and you'll have taken a place away from someone else.